05 February 2009

Cardamom yogurt cream

A few years ago while still living in Ireland I tasted a very unusual and flavourful refreshing dessert cream infused with cardamom, I was given the recipe and never made it and forgot about it. Then last week while flicking through my recipes I found it again and decided to make it. Enjoy this very easy recipe with a fresh fruit salad of orange and kiwis. Prepare the cream one day ahead as it needs to chill.

Cardamom infused yogurt cream
1 jello mold is best
225 ml / 8 oz Milk
200 ml / 7 oz Cream
200 gr / 7 oz Sugar for more flavour you can substitute with honey
8 cardamom seeds hulled and grounded with a pestle and mortar (it is very advisable to use whole rather than already ground cardamom as the flavour will be more intense)
3 rounded tsp powdered gelatin (I yet have to try this recipe with agar agar)
4 Tbsp cold water
425 ml / 15 oz Plain yogurt

Pour milk, cream and sugar in a stainless saucepan with the ground cardamom on low heat, stir until the sugar is melted and the liquid is warm to touch.
Turn off the heat and set aside to infuse.
Pour the gelatin in a small bowl containing 4 tbsp of cold water and let it "sponge".
Then pour over the gelatin and stir some of the infused mixture then gradually add the rest of it.
Beat the yogurt lightly until smooth then add it to the cardamom/gelatin mixture.
Pour all in a Jello mold, cover and place in the refrigerator for several hours until set (preferably overnight).

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