15 June 2009

Bavarian cream

Bavarian cream

Pastry cream/crème pâtissière


½ pint / 240 ml Whole milk

½ oz / 1 ½ Tbsp / 15 gr Cornstarch

2 oz / 4 ½ Tbsp / 57 gr Sugar

1 pinch of Salt

1 Egg

¼ tsp Vanilla extract

2 oz / 2 Tbsp / 27 gr Butter (can be omitted for a lighter cream)

Bring milk to a boil.
In a separate bowl hand whisk the cornstarch, sugar, salt and egg until you obtain a smooth texture. Pour 1/3 of the hot milk over the mixture while whisking rapidly, then pour this mix back into the pan of hot milk over medium heat and whisk constantly until it thickens and looses it’s starchy taste. Add the vanilla extract.
At this point you can add the butter and stir until it has completely dissolved.

Pour the pastry cream in a bowl and let cool before refrigerating.

Whipped cream
3 fl oz / 6 Tbsp / 90 ml Heavy whipping cream

1/8 tsp Vanilla extract

Whip the cream and vanilla to stiff peaks.

To obtain the Bavarian cream simply fold the whipped cream into the chilled pastry cream.

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