06 August 2008

Raspberry galore

My good friend and neighbour P. is wonderful, she has planted a lot of raspberry bushes that produce a ton of fruit, in fact enough for the entire neighbourhood so P. invited all of us to come and pick the raspberries, so I did and made a few projects, like seedless raspberry jam, cordial and crème de framboise, in other words raspberry liquor. This recipe has been handed down to me from my mother. Be sure to set aside 2 days to make it.

Crème de Framboise
1 kg raspberries
1 litre red wine
Sugar (weight is determined by the above 2 ingredients)
1 glass of Everclear 95% alcohol content (eau de vie pour fruit) I couldn't find this here so instead I used 105 proof vodka (50% alcohol content)
A few nice empty and clean bottles

Crush the fruits and pour the wine over, let the mix rest for 10 h at least (overnight).
After 10h stir, and sieve through a very fine grate (in fact I used my champion juice maker to waste no juice at all).
Weight the liquid obtained and add the same weight in sugar.
Bring the mix to boil for only 20 seconds then remove from the heat and let it cool, add the Everclear/vodka... and bottle.
It is best to let this rest a few months in a dark and cool place before using.
It goes very well with champagne or a dry white wine as a pre-dinner drink. You pour a little in the bottom of your glass and pour the champagne or wine over it.

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