04 August 2008

Seafair impressions...

This past week end I had the opportunity to witness one of Seattle's tradition, the Seafair, a display of power, audacity and technical prowess, by this I specifically talk about the pilots of the airplanes (Blue Angels, Harrier and others) doing all sorts of aerobatics, one more impressive than the next and the drivers of the hydroplanes.
I also met with the Seafair Pirates "sailing"on their Moby Duck (they are a group of currently 52 men appearing at festivals over the US, Canada and the Cayman islands and raising money for charity), the pirate I interviewed was telling me about his best day being last Friday taking a child from the Make a wish foundation on a crabing tour. Here you can see them giving a hard time to a youngster who was minding his own business and reading a book.
If you happen to be in Seattle around this time of year it's a fun event to attend.

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