23 July 2009

Raspberried out!

With this hot weather we have been experiencing for the past 2 months the raspberry bushes are full of fruits, so I made my liquor again (pictured) and tried a new by product of the wonderful raspberries:

Raspberry vinegar


600 gr fruits
600 ml white wine vinegar

600 ml cider vinegar

6 Tbsp sugar
A couple of big clean jars


Crush the berries in a food mill or with a fork, pour the vinegars and sugar over, mix all and fill the jars.

Let the jars rest in a dark place shaking them occasionally for minimum a week or until you decide the taste is good enough.

Filter the mixture through a fine mesh sieve and fill a few bottles.

Enjoy with a nice summer salad or all year round to remind you of the summer flavours.

Lucky shot of a tree frog

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