07 March 2008

Anatomy of a croissants

For the past few months I have been trying to master the art of croissant making.
I have tried a few different recipes and methods and it seems I am getting closer to my goal.
One of the very important thing in pastry in general and croissants in particular is the quality of the ingredients used.
Being in the US is an added challenge since the flours and butter are quite different than in France.
I think I have identified the butter I need to use, and most importantly I can find, where I live, I still need to try it, this will be an afternoon project in 2 weeks with a friend.
In the mean time I will be off to the Big Apple for a few days to discover this big city.
So I will leave you with a mouthwatering sight of this morning's croissants, the recipe will only be posted when I am totally satisfied with the result.

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