27 March 2008

Puff pastry it is

Puff pastry seems to be one of the hardest pastry to make, at least it was the case for me until I started making it. In fact it is quite simple, it's a matter of having cold ingredients and following the various steps to the letter.

Puff pastry/Pâte feuilletée
250 gr all purpose flour
8 gr salt
125 ccm cold water

190 gr unsalted butter (beurre de tourage) (it is possible to put the same weight of butter than that of flour, but I like this recipe as it is somewhat lighter)

Sift flour into a bowl, with salt, add water and mix quickly (with paddle if using mixer) (approx. 1mn)
Shape into a ball and make a cross on the top with a sharp knife, place the dough in a plastic wrap in the fridge for 30 mn.
Take the butter out of the fridge and place it between 2 sheets of palstic wrap or parchment paper and beat it with a rolling pin in order to flaten it.
Take the dough out of the fridge and roll it into a square bigger than the butter, place the flattened butter on the dough and enclose it completely into the dough, and seal the dough (so the butter won't escape, very very important).
Roll out the dough into a rectangle 3 times longer than its width, fold top part to the middle and bottom part over top part, make a quarter turn to the right and repeat this rolling and folding process once, then chill for 30mn. You just made 2 turns.
After 30mn take dough out of the fridge and repeat another 2 turns. And chill for another 30mn.
Then repeat one last time the 2 turns and you are ready to use your puff pastry.
It is important to always turn the pasrty in the same way, quarter turn to the right leaving the opening fold to your right.
(I will post pictures soon to illustrate this recipe...)
Happy baking.

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