05 March 2008

Sweet no knead bread

We had guests for dinner Monday night and no fresh bread and not much time so I decided to make this no knead bread, you do no need a machine to make it and the honey gives it a very nice taste (I always put a bit more honey than mentioned below). I know the purists will object to this method since part of the joy of making bread is the kneading, but it is a very convenient recipe...

Sweet no knead bread
375 gr flour
1.25 cc salt
225 cl tepid water
50 cl tepid milk
12.5 gr fresh yeast/1.5 tsp active dry yeast
1/2 TBSP honey (try lavendar honey for a very distinct flavour)

Mix water + milk + honey + yeast, set it aside for 10mn or so until it bubbles up
While it's brewing measure your flour and salt.
Mix quickly flour, salt and liquid with a spatula, without kneading.
Transfer to an oiled container (rectangular baking pan or round/oval salad dish), cover with 1 TBSP of flour and cover dish with a towel and let it rest for 1h30mn at room temperature.
After this time gently turn over onto a baking sheet or spring form lined with parchment paper, very lightly tap to release some of the gases, sprinkle some flour over it and cover with linen/cotton towel and let it rest for 30mn.
During this time turn on the oven to 232 C/450 F, place a small bowl of water.
Bake for 15mn at 232 C/450 F then lower the temperature to 204 C/400 F and bake for a further 15/20mn until bread sounds hollow, remove bowl of water after the first 15mn.
Let it cool down on a rack before enjoying it.
It is best eaten fresh but will keep in a sealed bag for 3 to 4 days, if so lightly toast it before use.

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